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The library, located on the main building, area of about 450 sqm. comprising over 13613 volumes covering 4940 titles.

The library also houses over 621 reference and rare books on all branches of Engineering, Science, the Humanities, English, dictionaries. A number of guides are available in both the reference and issues sections for preparation students to participate in competitive exams.

The institute’s commitment to e-Learning is reflected in the fact that internet enabled multimedia computers populate the library, opening up a world of learning to students.

The audiovisual section of the college library consists of over 423 CD/DVD-ROM diskettes; enabling students improve their communications skills and prepare for the competitive exams.

The library’s three main sections comprise the stock room, the reading hall and periodical section and the circulation section.

The unique feature of the library is the compulsory ‘Library Hour’, which is integrated into the student’s timetable (one hour per week for each class).Around 25 National journals are subscribed to at the library, including technical and non technical magazines.

The management of the college has granted special attention on development of the library as a hub on the campus. The library has determined program to create best services possible. This can be very well assessed through the large budgetary allocations made for the materials and services. Ambitious programs are afoot for further improvement of the service.

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