Our Chairman

Over the years, we’ve been able to build a reputation as one of the best independent polytechnic college and we are still the best.

As the Chairman of Kongunadu Education Institutions, I look back with enormous sesnse of pride, the amazing progress that our institution has made within a short span of time. This would not have been possible with the invaluable support and contribution of faculty, student community, parents and my well wishers. I strongly believe that serious, sincere and systematic services, surely secure supreme success.

Choices! You think about it and you realize it is not so simple. In Face, it decides the course of your life. Or rather, it can make or break your life.

Whatever your parents have told you, what your teachers have taught you, what you have comprehended from your surroundings. You should incorporate everything in your life with reality. Don't forget your goal. You are here to get educated, to make a career, and most important of all, to make yourself a wholesome human being. Remember, you are the ambassadors of your home, your family, your college and your country.

We, do not create just sensitive intellectuals, but mould our students as complete men and women. We instill values of life in them and let them out as Noble Citizens, this makes our College unique. We would be grateful if the viewers could keep in mind that.

Dr.PSK.R.Periaswamy, Chairman

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